We support every step of your organizational development, from the evaluation of high-potential individuals to company-wide process design and implementation.

There are many ways an organization can benefit through the use of assessment:

  • Selection assessment of candidates for internal and external recruitment

  • Implementation of development programs

  • Design and integration of leadership tools

  • Executive coaching for onboarding, performance, restructuring or role changes

Smart Assessment

Speed, efficiency and fit are critical for everyone involved in a recruitment process. Our lean approach means that we not only promise a fast and successful search, but we measure our performance and continuously improve it.

When making critical decisions about your team, a non-biased, multi-dimensional analysis helps you to dig deep and find a good long-term fit:

  • Current: the fit of the candidate’s existing behavioral competency profile with
    the role.

  • Potential: pre-boarding indications to help ensure a smooth integration into
    the new role.

  • Motivational: the main motivational levers that will drive the candidate’s present and future engagement, commitment and performance.


  • Recruitment decisions are based on reliable data, not intuition or subjective opinions

  • A multi-method assessment lowers the risk of false recruitments

  • An objective way to compare candidates

  • A forecast of future job performance and development opportunities

  • Enhances the candidate experience and helps support our client´s employer brand

Our Offering





Allows you to quickly and objectively evaluate or compare a candidate’s work personality, operating style, motivation and cognitive abilities.





To measure, as objectively as possible, the capacity to manage responsibility for a business unit or team.



Individuals with organizational oversight and responsibility


To measure and go in-depth into the evaluations of specific skills, competencies and motivations required to cover an executive or leadership role (e.g. strategic thinking, complex problem solving, change management, etc.)

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