How to Motivate Your Team in a Rapidly Changing World?

26 June, 2020

By Raúl Soria Burgueño, Development Systems (Spain)

“Tough times don’t last, tough teams do”– this quote is even more relevant today, during this period of crisis where leaders across the globe are struggling to keep their teams motivated.

Managers, directors, and other leaders who are responsible for inspiring and managing teams almost always agree that they are only as good as their team.

If we need teams to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, to be more motivated, to manage change in an increasingly digitized economy, and to align with the company’s changing strategy—leaders need to first figure out ways that they can motivate their teams.

To build competent and motivated teams, we need to give high priority to the development of people as a managerial competence, not only with training, but with daily training on the ground. The leader’s role should be to “make yourself as little as possible”, in order to bring out the best in the team.

Here are some ways of motivating and inspiring your teams:

  • Help them be autonomous
  • Teach them to make decisions
  • Tolerate error and encourage learning

But having said that, organizations should put as much or more effort into “monitoring” the teams in order to have better control over the results.
It is true that there are also those leaders who get the best out of their teams even in the most crucial situations, but how do they manage to do that? There are various factors that contribute to that but the notable ones are charisma, experience, clear communication, constant feedback…and most importantly appreciation and recognition of the team’s achievements.

A good leader can turn the game around and help the team achieve its purpose.
As for you, how are you going to motivate your team today?

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