2020 Autumn Summit held Virtually

09 October, 2020

Milan, Italy – October 8, 2020 – More than 80 members connected virtually for the PRAXI Alliance 2020 Autumn Summit. Our theme was “Looking Ahead to 2021”.  Vito Crosetto, Chairman, and Fabio Sola, Director, welcomed members from 22 countries and then members presented the results of pre-summit group work.
It was an excellent occasion to share tips, best practices and insight in a year marked with much uncertainty. Topics included repositioning our businesses to assist clients through difficult times, virtual business development and how to continue strengthening our international community.
We finished with a festive awards ceremony for the top client service and business development performance. Our awardees included:
•  Tom Connolly, GattiHR (USA)
•  Massimo Mazzonzelli, PRAXI (Italy)
•  Klaus Schlagheck, Schlagheck & Radtke (Germany)
“While we always prefer to see everyone in person, connecting virtually meant we had a much broader reach and it was fantastic to see many new faces”, said Fabio Sola, Director. “We are all learning and adapting this year and the value of our network is being able to share these valuable lessons with each other to provide motivation for the year ahead”.
We hope to see members in Madrid for our 2021 Spring Summit on May 14-15.

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