Paving the Way to a Digital Future

19 March, 2019

By Convidis AG (Switzerland)

The Challenge:

The Swiss construction industry is digitizing, and major construction projects will soon require BIM (Building Information Modelling), which is essentially a digital blue print. This will have wide spread implications.

Convidis AG was retained to support a major construction and real estate company in the Zurich area as it faces the challenge of implementing BIM.

Managing the Task:

Convidis chose to use DigitCircuit, a customized workshop format developed by a network of innovative companies who advise on digital strategy, technology and organization/leadership. DigitCircuit has the mission of helping different types of companies develop primary solutions with the consulting support of digital experts.

During the two half days of the DigitCircuit, key questions were discussed in small groups in order to reveal the areas requiring a new approach. The next step was a guided brainstorming of possible solutions.

The company now has a solid foundation from which to address the topic strategically and to develop concrete measures and processes.

As a next step, the board and general management must establish the digitization strategy. Consultants from the Digit Network will support senior management and the board in establishing the strategy and then distribute a company wide action plan addressing organizational issues, technology and education.


During the DigitCircuit workshop, Convidis consultants Simone Stoffel and Egmont Jaehn covered organization and leadership issues relating to new and agile organizations and the leadership needs of Generations X, Y and Z. This was the first step in determining the leadership needs of the future organization.

Convidis AG will then take over the role of organizational development, including assessments of the existing digital skills and know how at the company. Depending on the outcome, it might be necessary to recruit additional people for the company to reach their digitization goals.

The journey will continue until the company reaches the goal of full digitization.


Convidis AG is a partner of the Swiss based DigitNetwork, which includes experienced experts, entrepreneurs and sparring partners from various sectors in the field of digitization. DigitNetwork offers services and consulting around the topic of digital transformation. Strategic partners include Microsoft, Swisscom, Zühlke and the Zürich Airport Region.

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