New professions: Digital Strategist

17 January, 2017

Fabio Sola, Network Director, was cited in the article Nuove professioni: digital strategist“, by Anna Zinola, published in “La nuvola di lavoro” blog of “Corriere della Sera” daily newspaper.

Monitor network conversations, connect with digital users through useful content, coordinate online communication tools (websites, blogs, virtual communities, social media, etc.). This is the job description of a digital strategist, one of today’s hottest profiles. 

 “In 2016, we’ve noticed a 30% increase in requests for this position”, Fabio Sola, Director of  Executive Search firm PRAXI Alliance confirms, “requests mainly come from medium-sized and large companies but smaller companies and start-ups are also starting to hire this type of professional.”

In fact, the role is focused on the creation and management of digital marketing and communications strategies. As an example, to design a virtual community that will attract and engage a target audience or determine the contents to be sent through online platforms. In short, the data strategist supports brand identity on the net, making sure that it is conveyed correctly and consistently.

In big organizations, it is a purely strategic function: define the guidelines and coordinate work carried out by the team, which can include more positions (such as community managers, web designers, digital PR and SEO specialists). While in smaller organizations, the role also includes personally managing operations and all related aspects.

Salaries definitely vary by company. Sola adds: “On average, salaries range from €50,000 to over €100,000 gross per year. For start-ups, the fixed salary is usually smaller in proportion to the variable component; while, to the contrary, larger firms typically offer higher fixed compensation.”

In regards to training, in Italy there are not (yet) formal courses at the university level, however relevant courses are developing at the postgraduate and masters level. “The digital strategist must possess a combination of skills: a good base education, knowledge of business processes as well as a holistic and well-rounded vision of marketing”, underlines Sola, “The ideal candidate should be a curious person, open to change and have a passion for the technology and innovation.”

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