Integrated Approach to Increase Recruitment Effectiveness

13 March, 2020

By Iulia Pietruschevici, Iventa The Human Management Group (Romania)

Context: As a member of Praxi Alliance, Iventa Romania was requested to provide support for one of the network’s clients, a global cable manufacturing company, with two strategic production facilities in Romania and approximately 1,200 employees. The local entity was facing a few challenges related to:

  • Poor local labour market supply to satisfy recruitment needs and difficulty to identify people to relocate (regional area and city not attractive for relocation, particularly for young people)
  • High staff turnover
  • Sub-optimal internal employee engagement

Goal: Fast improvement in recruitment effectiveness to sustain the local business growth and expansion plans.

Assignment: Based on the above identified challenges and the established goal and considering the specific expectations of different key stakeholders involved in the project, we proposed to our client an integrated approach focused on 2 main directions:

An Executive Search assignment was also entrusted to us:

Both the Talent Market Mapping and the Research & Diagnosis projects provided our client with the core elements to be used to develop a clear set of attributes that potential employees could perceive as the value gained through employment in the company. This type of knowledge was essential to the Executive Search assignment success and provided useful tools and framework to increase recruitment effectiveness in the long run.

Our integrated approach increased the value of the services provided to our client and ensured alignment of all key stakeholders involved in the decision making process. In addition, this assignment proved the importance of being part of an international network such as Praxi Alliance and making use of the best expertise to provide highly-customized services to our clients.

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