Future Skills for the Digital Workplace

26 April, 2018

By Eli Grilo, Development Systems (Brazil)

In times of transformation and digital evolution, the human being is the most precious asset of organizations and the main resource of competitive advantage. This makes it mandatory for any professional to develop new skills and behaviors faster than ever.

The VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) scenario also strongly pushes professionals to seek disruptive ways of connecting with the unknown. But what are the competencies and skills needed?

Professionals in leadership roles should put innovation at the forefront – this ties their new skills to intellectual ability. This includes the following:

CULTURAL INSPIRATION – Are you able to map, encourage and inspire the use of the cultural knowledge of each of your team, understand the relevance of diversity, in favor of delivering exponential results?

READINESS FOR CHANGE – Are you always ready to break mental models, adapting quickly to the scenario, being able to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity?

SIMPLICITY AND CLARITY – Can you make things simple, bring clarity (even in the midst of chaos), and get others to focus on what really matters?

SILENT TRANSPARENCY – Are you able to be open and authentic about what really matters without over promoting yourself?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Can you dare, even when you see the risks and when you make mistakes, act as quickly as possible to try to solve the situation?

EXPERIMENTATION & PROTOTYPING – Are you able to create (and stimulate!) Rapid innovations, having the clarity of what failures will happen?

On the other hand, individual contributors have to follow the movement of innovation in and out. This new mindset allows them to give meaning to their activities. 

These competencies must be in their DNA:

SHARING – Are you able to take sides, is willing to share what you know in search of a solution and not just be the bearer of problems?

COLLABORATION – Do you act proactively and work together?

EMPATHY – Do you understand the emotional state and manage to deliberate on the mental state and is able to give empathic answers?

CREATIVITY – Are you daring and capable of breaking mental models, creating new paths or a new combination of existing paths, to the point where allowing yourself to make mistakes is to work on error?

LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL – Are you able to use data to analyze, quantify, hypothesize, and prove?

CONTINUOUS EDUCATIONAL LEARNING – Do you continuously learn, teach and influence others?

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