Due Diligence – International Partner & Team in Financial Services

01 June, 2018


Throughout this assignment, we were required to examine the business case behind a multi-faceted, Financial Services focused, team of seven Partners (and their respective teams) based across the UK, US and APAC.

The purpose, was to understand how each partner is perceived, individually, in their own circle of influence (technically and geographically) and how these perceptions might impact on the development of new markets for our client.

The challenge:

Due to the diverse range of differing technical abilities, locations, skill sets, levels of seniority and relationship capital with clients and referrers, it was essential that our methodology was logical, effective and efficient.

Managing the task:

Due to the number of variables between individuals, attributes, experience and relationships etc., we designed a research-driven approach to assess each partner in the context of specific opportunities and concerns relating to each individual profile, as well as the whole group.

To accompany in-depth desktop research, identifying a range of people who could provide insight into each of the candidates as well as a group of sources who could offer views on the whole group and it’s subsets.  This task was carefully performed to protect the identities of all involved.


We strive to produce reports that objectively present information regarding hiring prospects in order to provide clients with insights to help inform a decision to hire.  Where appropriate, we also provide information to direct subsequent integration planning.

In this case specifically, we presented much evidence to support the acquisition of the whole team in respect of client opportunities and potential synergies and advantages gained.

Furthermore, we included details regarding the strengths, limitations and development requirements of each of the Partners, along with evidence of how they interacted with each other and how clients perceive them as a group.

Most notably, our reports were critical in informing our client’s decision to appoint a different ‘Head of Team’, who had been identified after clear endorsements from research subjects.


The market insight is excellent and offers more intelligence than anything else we have received externally

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