Convidis AG Executive Search – Setting Positive Trends

07 October, 2019

Swiss Member, Convidis AG, offers versatile management consulting in Executive Search, Assessment, and People and Business Development. Taking a closer look at their last 100 C-level mandates, we find positive trends for the future.
1 in 5 hired professionals is a woman.

Rigorous recruitment methodologies underpinned by a strong focus on executive assessment allow Convidis to consistently provide a merit-based selection and put more women into leadership roles than the flawed and often controversial quota system. For quite some time, Swiss authorities have been pushing for 20-30% female representation on all executive boards, but despite their efforts, change has not prevailed. On the contrary, in 2018, the percentage of women in top management positions at Swiss companies was a meager 8%, which is actually one percentage point lower than in 2017 [1].   

The  number of younger candidates selected for managerial roles is on the rise.

The same recruitment methodologies that have been successful in identifying exceptional candidates, combined with a broad network, are favoring a move away from traditional methods that rely heavily on years of experience.

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