Candidate Evaluations: a High Velocity Approach

11 March, 2021

By Zeliha Agar, Akgul Can Beyhan, Asli Arabaci, Duman Management Consultancy (Turkey)


We were asked to provide recruitment services for one of the most critical retail market chains in the world. Our task was to quickly evaluate a large candidate pool created by the client, including interviews and reporting, according to the client’s competency model.

The Challenge:

The pool of approximately 60 candidates in a short time — one week — in order to reach the client’s objectives.

Managing the Task:

We quickly organized ourselves as three recruiters, which immediately brought down the workload significantly. With structured interviews for every candidate, we were able to complete a total of 60 candidate interviews and candidate reports in as little as one week.


Our client was amazed that we completed all candidate interviews and reports in such a short time. This quick assignment delivery to the client helped us transform ourselves into a long-term partner. Through this experience, we’ve learned that any task at hand can be simplified by using a structured approach and delegating to the right people.

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