Building a Truly “GloCal” Executive Search Firm

05 November, 2018

By GattiHR (USA)

As Operations Manager for PRAXI Alliance Worldwide Executive Search, Sherrie Beehler coordinates the activities of Search and Consulting organizations that operate in nearly 75 offices across 36 countries.  PRAXI Alliance is a far-flung endeavor with a fascinating business model – deliver exceptional service to clients around the world through an organization that is built on a strong set of shared values, mutual accountability and almost no corporate structure.  We sat down with Sherrie last week at the PRAXI Alliance 2018 Autumn Summit, to talk about the state of the Alliance, its commitment to clients, and the future of work.

GattiHR: What is PRAXI Alliance?

Sherrie:  We’ve spent years carefully selecting partners around the world who share our vision of a truly global search firm – not a network of branch offices, but rather an organization built on strong international partnerships and deep local roots. We call it GloCal – an ability to rely on every partner in the alliance to deliver extraordinary in-country services.  Our clients can handle local and international recruitment needs with a single phone call and have the resources of a truly global organization at their disposal.

GattiHR: What do you see as PRAXI Alliance’s key to global success?

Sherrie: Early on, we wanted to help our clients expand their search capabilities.  Effective and talented leaders shape a company’s culture, reputation and financial health.  For global organizations, finding the right people for these critical roles takes a carefully crafted plan and flawless execution.  It all starts with a series of questions. The ability to ask the right questions sets the tone for fruitful collaborations.  At PRAXI Alliance, we like to say that competition is global, but business is local.  By building a global search firm around the distinctive strengths of our alliance partners, we can deliver both to our clients.  There is a lot at stake and discretion is of the utmost importance. Our screening method is quiet and surgical.

GattiHR: During last week’s global summit, the partners visited the Senseable Cities Lab at MIT.  What did you think of the lab and its alignment with the mission of PRAXI Alliance?

Sherrie: Clients rely on PRAXI Alliance to deliver local perspective and global reach, which often puts us at the intersection of technology, commerce and the future of work.  The organizations we work with are an intricate weave of knowledge, experience, processes and relationships. That’s why, in addition to executive search, they rely on us for assessment tools that can be useful at all stages of the employee life cycle: selection, development, engagement, or team assessments to sharpen strategic planning skills.

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