Achieving Alignment in an Age of Disruptive Velocity

16 June, 2017

By Tom Connolly, GattiHR (USA)

Published in the Spring 2017 edition of People + Strategy, the Professional Journal of HR People + Strategy

These days, disruptive velocity is one of the few constants for organizations. Digitization drives disruption, as once-physical businesses are dematerialized into virtual ones with more reach, shorter time-to-market, and less capital intensity, financial or human (Salim, Malone & van Geest, 2014). 

  • Expedia kills off travel agencies
  • Amazon crushes brick and mortar competitors
  • Airbnb’s market cap exceeds Marriott’s and precipitates the Starwood merger 
  • Uber turns the taxi industry upside-down
  • Tiny, 18-month-old Instagram and vastly larger, 90-year-old motorcycle manufacturer Ducati are acquired in the same month for the same price ($1 billon each)
  • Driverless cars are grabbing all the attention, but driverless trucks will eventually wipe out one of the top 10 largest occupations in America
  • Even agriculture is upended as drones, planting robots, and driverless tractors assume more and more of the work

No sector is safe.

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