5 Tips for an Efficient Day in Your Home Office

19 January, 2021

By Iventa The Human Management Group (Austria)

Working from home hasn’t been that common in many companies until now, and many employees  aren’t well-versed. Today, more and more people are working from home, for security reasons, job mobility or family matters, and there are many distractions that can interfere with your productivity.

The Recruiting & Research Specialists from Iventa have 5 tips for you to make working from home successful:

1. Assess your equipment

Before you move your workplace to your home permanently, make sure you have secure access to company data and all the necessary passwords and files with you. Basic equipment for the home office definitely includes a laptop, smartphone, headset and webcam. Also make sure that your work equipment is running efficiently. While an IT department in the office ensures that your technical equipment works properly, you are often the one in charge of it at home. 

2. Define your personal workspace

Although your bed or couch scores points for comfort, it rarely encourages serious and productive work. By creating a workspace that’s ideal for you, you’ll ensure a good, calm working atmosphere. Find an area without distractions, where others will also recognize that there is work taking place. “It was particularly important for me to create a place in my home office where I can work in a concentrated and quiet environment. For my personal home office, I have set up my small “office” right next to my window, which is flooded by the morning sun every day. Starting work in my home office means opening my window and breathing in the fresh morning air. That’s how I start the day full of energy and motivation.” – Linda Rittler, IT Recruiting & Research Specialist  

3. Create a work routine

To avoid blurring the fine line between your work and private life at home, set yourself concrete working hours, breaks and goals. This way, you’ll be able to make structured progress with your to-dos, and also, recognize when you work overtime. For a motivated work attitude in the early morning, it can additionally help to have the same morning routine as on usual workdays in the office. Getting showered, dressed and ready for work as usual will ensure you start the day motivated and productive. 
“A structured routine is very important to me. It is helpful to get dressed and ready as usual in the morning – you never know if you might have to attend a video call at short notice.” – Katharina Moser, Recruiting and Research Specialist

4. Respond to requests in a reasonable amount of time

In the home office, you don’t have to be available twenty-four hours a day. Nevertheless, a clear agreement on when you are available and when you are not is helpful for communicating with your managers, colleagues and customers. For example, enter your availability and busy times in your calendar, so that it is clearly visible for everyone involved and also encourages finding a routine.  

5. Stay in touch with your colleagues

It is obvious that you should be in frequent and close contact with your manager. However, also make efforts to actively communicate with your colleagues in order to promote the exchange of information. For example, take part in meetings via Zoom or similar platforms, use your telephone more often to clear up confusion, and actively ask colleagues for news. After all, exchanging ideas with others is also essential for good work, maintains your relationship with colleagues and counters a feeling of isolation.  “For me personally, a regular exchange with my teammates is very important. That’s why we implemented daily stand-up meetings in my team! Music in between helps me additionally to stay in a good mood. Furthermore I try to use the breaks to recharge my batteries with a little round of running.” – Sarah Winkler, Research Specialist

 Working from home is a whole different way of working, which demands a certain amount of discipline and motivation from employees. In the modern working world, however, moving your own workplace to your home is no longer a curiosity. We believe that with clear communication and a little routine in practice, every employee can make a successful transition to a productive workday from the home office.

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