Executive Search

Leaders, prominent managerial figures and strategic talent strongly define a company’s culture, brand reputation and financial health. Finding the right people for these roles requires a carefully crafted plan and flawless execution.

It all starts with a series of questions. The ability to ask the right questions is a critical component of the search process and sets the tone for a fruitful collaboration. All available resources are then on the table during the search design phase, including industry references, proprietary networks, databases and other tools.

There is a lot at stake and discretion is of the utmost importance every step of the way. Our screening method is quiet and surgical.

Post-hire we are committed to a proper organizational integration and full client and candidate satisfaction.


Organizations are an intricate weave of knowledge, experience, processes and relationships. Greater insight on this dynamic mix helps leaders unlock potential and improve performance.

Assessment tools can be useful at all stages of the business cycle: a selection assessment to aid hiring decisions; a development assessment to build employee engagement; or a management audit to sharpen strategic planning skills.

Assessment tools are an effective way for an organization to appraise its most valuable resource.

Consulting Services

We offer a complete range of customizable services to fine-tune HR strategy and optimize intellectual capital resources, including Salary Benchmarking, Potentials Analysis, ad hoc projects and Coaching. These services contribute to professional growth and benefit the well-being of the entire organization.