Zhenrong Pan

International Operations Specialist


Via Mario Pagano 69/A, 20145 Milan

Motto: “Miracles are generated by proactive action”


Zhenrong is part of the International Operations team at PRAXI Alliance, providing support in marketing, communication and event organizational activities. Her area of expertise include project management and customer service.

She completed her degree of Bachelor of Economics in Shanghai, China. After having several international extracurricular experiences home and abroad, she finally decided to further her studies in Italy, where she obtained Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Bologna.

Zhenrong is a curious traveler with an international mindset. In her free time, she enjoys attending different social and sport events.

Languages: English, Mandarin, French, German

珍蓉是PRAXI Alliance团队中的国际运营专员之一,负责确保国际网络的顺利运作,包括市场营销和组织活动。